HDC Planning Request 19/01645/FUL

Land At Queen Street Market Harborough Leicestershire
Proposal Change of use from agricultural grazing land to dog walking field, with associated hardstanding and erection of timber and mesh perimeter fencing

The Society has considerable concerns about this planning application and has written to the HDC raising the following points.

1. The land covered by HOC Local Plan Policy G12 - protected open space, sports and recreation.
2. Flooding on Braybooke Road and Scotland Road near where the entrance will be.
3. The ecology of the field would be ruined affecting various bird life, etc.
4. There are Tree Protection Orders in place on some of the trees within the land and the Forestry and Arboriculture Officer Report states that some tree root damage may occur as a result of erecting posts on the site.
5. Increased traffic in the already congested area of Braybrooke Road and Scotland Road, especially during construction period should the application be upheld, with heavy lorries, traffic lights etc.
6. They feel there is sufficient dog walking area nearby at the Little Bowden Recreation Ground, The Green, Little Bowden, Welland Park dedicated dog walking area and the Brampton Valley Way leading from the Little Bowden Recreation Ground.
7. Noise and disturbance if land is opened to the public.
8. Some of our members feel that if permission approved this could lead to any future applications for housing development.