Sir Simon le Constable, Kt. of Burton.

Remission of Kings's anger re disturbances 25 Oct. 1268.

Life exemption from juries, etc., to Simon son of William. le Constable 2 June 1271 (P.R.).

Summoned to serve against. Welsh 17 May 1282, and to Council at Gloucester 15 July. 1287 (P.W.).

Grant of free warren at Gedney and Wyvelesby, Lincs., and Burton Constable, Yorks., 28 June 1285 (Cart.R.).

Reported dead 3 July but has re-delivery of Knight Fees, being alive, 5 July. 1287 (F R.).

Justice of assize, Yorks., 28 Aug. 1285.

Comr of banks and dykes on coast of Yorks. and R. Humber 16 Nov. 1288 (P.R.).

Holds 1 1/2 Kt. Fee at Burton Constable, late of Avelina, Countess of Aumale, 20 May 1290 (Inq.).

Restoration of his wood of Lynton in Galtres Forest, taken to King for his waste therein, 8 Feb. 1291.

One owes 126 in Lincs. to his daughter Clemencia, wife of Thos. de Boulton, Sep. 1292 (C.R.).

Dead 1 Mar. 1294 (F.R.), holding many lands at Burton Constable, Halsham, Hedon, etc., Yorks., and in Lincs., and leaving son and heirh. Robert (Inq.).

Pardon to his widow Catherine, accused of poisoning her late husband, and also John de Danthorp, Joan late wife of Simon le Constable, and another, 20 June 1294 (P.R.).

She owes 31 m. in Yorks. to Thos. de Boulton and w. Clemencia 15 Oct. 1295 (C.R.).