Rollo the Viking

Rollo (Hrolfr) the Viking (baptised 911) brought his Vikings from Norway to the northwest of France. This is the Rollo, or Rollon in the French spelling, who in the year 911 at the church in St. Clair sur Epte signed the treaty with King Charles III the Simple of France. That created him hereditary Count of Rouen; his descendants would call themselves Dukes of the new Duchy of Normandy. He was probably descended from the Jarls of Orkney.

Rollo's (Rollon's) tomb is in the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Rouen. 


Dudo of St. Quentin wrote his history of the deeds of the Normans (Gesta Normannorum) around 1025, I have extracted those that refer to Rollo and those can be found here.

For a full text copy of Felice Lifshitz's (who holds the copyright of the best  translation) of Dudo of St. Quentin's Gesta Normannorum see references to Felice Lifshitz at